Meet Our Team


Kendrick 1Kendrick Davis –  Director of Business Operations

Oversees day-to-day activities at ADTM, focusing on systems and procedures       required to accomplish our mission and meet goals in the marketplace




Linda Prentzler – Production Manager

Involved in the planning, coordination, and control of ADTM manufacturing processes, ensuring that goods and services are produced efficiently, cost effectively, while in a timely manner.




Tara Davis –  Production Coordinator  & Purchasing Agent

Ensures sufficient manpower to meet aggressive production goals by collaborating with the production manager and customer schedules for the  most vigorous intervals of ADTM production. Including purchasing raw/finished goods and supplies for the entire facility.




Marcus Brucks – IT Technician & Facility/Engineering Manager

Oversees the administration and maintenance of ADTM’s infrastructure while updating various office systems on an annual basis. Also creates patterns and markers for mass production utilizing time and material for the most cost effective cutting process.



Heather Johnson – Owner

Jason Monning – Owner